Friday, August 24, 2012

Running For My Life

In 1985, a boy named Lopez was born in a desolate village in Sudan. This is a story of his life... from war-torn Sudan to an American Olympic athlete!

One Sunday morning, when little Lopez was at his church's humble outdoor service, trucks pulled up and rebel soldiers jumped out of the back of the trucks. The pastor tried to reason with them, but the soldiers herded all the children into the back of the trucks.

A tarp was tied down so tight over the truck-bed to prevent escape, that it let in no fresh air. Hours later, the truck came to a halt. The children were blindfolded and marched in a line. After a while they came to a stop in a thatched hut. Smaller than a standard living room, there were nearly 80 kids crammed in.

While there, Lopez met three older boys (also known as angels). They watched over him and most likely saved his life. Weeks later they crept out of the camp at night, and ran for there lives. When they were thirsty they miraculously found water and when they were hungry they always found food. Days later they ran into the Kenyan border guards who treated them kindly, then they were taken to a refugee camp a few miles away.

It took three weeks for Lopez's feet to heal from the running. After he could walk again, The angels disappeared without a trace. For the next ten years, Lopez would live here before getting sent to America and later going on to become an American Olympic athlete. 

Running For My Life is an incredible story, full of wild twists and turns, and the most unexpected miracles along the way.  Lopez is an inspiration to all, and has incredible faith. This is a humorous book and very inspiring. I definitely recommend this book!!

For more information, visit Thomas Nelson Publishers.

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